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How it Works

Wicycle-It is a non profit arm of Wikaniko Ltd

Its objective is to help any individual list items for recycling, FREE of cost

Businesses and traders are not allowed to list items on Wicycle-It

You can either:
Use the auction facility for recycling your unwanted items
Use the Buy Out facility
Use the Swap Items facility
Use the Wanted ads to find items that you want

It is FREE to register and use any or all of these facilties

It is FREE to list as many items as you want

You will not be charged by us whatsoever when you sell your item or items (Paypal charges a small fee for transactions this is nothing to do with us)

Should you like the service, you will pay £3.99 in 60 days from registration. So if you sell the goods that you want to sell, and you cancel this charge within 60 days, you will never pay us a penny. (Most individuals can sell the items they want to recycle within a 60 day period)

If you want to keep your account, simply do nothing that fee will be taken via Paypal and your Wicycle-It account will remain live for as long as you want it to.

Any monies that we should make (after hosting, site fees etc are discounted) will be used to plant trees, as per the Ten Thousand Trees campaign on our main web site.
Strict records are kept to show exactly how many trees have been purchased, and are available for inspection at any time

We do not get involved in disputes. Any items should be purchased via Paypal, and their dispute resolution system should be used.
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Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Wicycle-It TERMS & CONDITIONS and PRIVACY POLICY